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The title of the most famous beach, not only on Brač, but in Croatia, proudly and deservedly bears Zlatni Rat beach in Bol. However, Brač offers many more beautiful beaches and hidden coves with crystalline sea that are worth exploring.
All over the island everyone will find their ideal place beneath the sun. Pebble, sandy, rocky beaches, watersports beaches, accessible shallow beaches, nudist beaches, disabled beaches, pet beaches, secluded beaches ... could be counted for days.
Therefore, we invite you to convince yourself and for start we will introduce you to some of the most beautiful. 
Zlatni rat beach is a natural phenomenon and a symbol of the Adriatic. Rocky pebbles have been coming down from Vidova Gora for years and the currents and winds have shaped this unique beach, which is still changing its shape even today under the influence of waves.
The beach can be reached by boat and car or by foot from Bol with a 2 km promenade, and in the summer months there is often an organized train ride from the town.
The beach offers many activities such as windsurfing and pedaling, deck chairs, parasols, restaurants, cafes.
Whether you like crowds or want to enjoy the quiet, this pebbled beach is a must-see stop for everyone who comes to the island of Brač.

Cove Lovrečina is about 4 km from Postira and is famous for its large sandy beach and precious archaeological sites. You can reach the bay by boat and car, and it is a pleasant walk along the sea or biking. Due to its very soft shores, even small children and non-swimmers can enjoy carefree swimming. The dense vegetation in the background provides sufficient shade and above the beach you can see the remains of Basilica of St. Lovre from the 5th century. It used to be a monastery with a church and a large sacristy, baptistery and a vestibule, and fragments of frescoes and sarcophagus are left in the remains of the complex.

One part of the beach is a paved bridge and above is a cafe, restaurant, parking and a spacious grassy area ideal for playing volleyball or a family picnic.



The small town of Murvica is located near Bol and Nerežišća and its beach with sky-blue sea is simply enchanting. Far from the hustle and bustle, this is a real little photogenic piece of paradise and rocks and pebble make a winning combination for adventurers.
An impressive backdrop to the hinterland is provided by the southern slopes of Vidova Gora with perhaps the steepest vineyards in Croatia, where Plavac the little and Tribidrag for the award-winning Stina wines are grown.
The beach can be reached by walking down a steep slope and since it is difficult to reach, the boat ride is the best choice. Although it has been more visited in recent years, no accompanying amenities are available on the beach.
POSTIRA is unique in many ways and so are its beaches. Few places can boast of so many landscaped and accessible beaches that satisfy even the most diverse desires.
Along the coast, about 3 kilometers in length, there are five pebbled and two rocky beaches. Furthermore, just outside the town a few kilometers along the promenade by the sea, besides Lovrečina, some other are worth mentioning. The entire coast is accessible and the rocks between the beaches are reserved for pets and nudists.
Prvlja, or Prja, is the westernmost beach in Postira about 800 m away from the center. It is partly pebbled, contains a large paved area and there is sand in the sea. On the other side of the bay are accessible rocks with lots of shade. An outdoor shower is available and there is a cafe bar above the beach in the pine forest.
Porat is a pebbled beach right in the center below hotel Lipa. Nearby there are all important facilities - shops, public parking, restaurants, bars, children's park. Although there are boat docks, the sea is crystal blue and the beach is accessible for the youngest children.
Rot is another beach located in center. It is mostly pebbled with a large concrete bridge. The beach has disabled access and deck chairs and parasols are available for rent. Although there is not much shade, there is a tree-lined promenade with benches above the beach, and restaurant and shop are nearby.
Žalo or Zastivonje is the most popular beach in the town, about 200 m away from the center. It is mostly pebbled with a spacious paved bridge. There is an outdoor shower available on the beach and plenty of shade thanks to the neighboring houses. Above the beach is a local tavern and there is a grocery store nearby.
Crna and Bila Ploča (Black and White Panel) are two rocky beaches located side by side, so it is difficult to determine their boundary at all. The rocks are very accessible as is the entrance to the sea. Rocks and trees alternate on the beaches, creating a pleasant shade. Pets are welcome and spacious public parking is available above the beaches.
Molo Lozna is a pebbled beach on the eastern side of the town, about 1 km away from the center. There are several concrete bridges on the beach and accessible rocky part. An outdoor shower, deck chairs and umbrellas are available, as well as pedal boats, kayaks and aquapark. Above the beach there is a cafe bar and restaurant with a wide range of delicious meals.
Trstena is a bay on the way to Lovrečina with sources of drinking water. With the arrangement of pebbled part of the beach, it becomes more and more popular, especially after the opening of the popular beach bar "Trstena". There is a well-maintained macadam road leading to the bay, ideal for walking or biking. Spacious parking is available so car access is also available.
Dučac is a cove about 6 km away from Postira. It is an ideal place for a holiday away from the hustle and bustle, so it is not uncommon that many Robinson houses are located there. The road is quite inaccessible and the car can approach only partially. There is a steep path through the nature intended for walking only, so it is not surprising that this piece of paradise is reserved only for the most persistent. The beach at the bottom of the bay is mostly rocky but there is also a pebbled part and a small paved bridge while there is sand in the sea. The best way to access this beach is by boat ride or one of our guided kayak tours.



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