Island Brač, Events in Postira

During summer, Brač is full of events, folk festivals, sport events, musical, cultural and gastronomic events.
Each place has its own summer program and some of them organize activities throughout the year.
During Postira Summer, every day is reserved for an activity, and the winter months are no less interesting.
The Feast of Our Lady of Carmel (16.07.) and the Feast of Sv. John the Baptist (24.06.) are two most visited festivals in Postira that have been held for many years.
These days celebrate the Memorial Day of the patron saint and the parish church. From early morning, a special atmosphere is felt and families gather for a festive lunch. The festivals are of a culturally sacred character and are celebrated with a liturgical celebration and a solemn procession, and for the Feast of St. John with the blessing of the sea and jumping over the fire. In the evening, thanks to the "Berekin", association of the youth of Postira, a lottery and music party is organized until the early morning hours.
Fotografija Udruga mladih Općine Postira "Berekin".Fotografija Udruga mladih Općine Postira "Berekin".
Now traditionally, the World Championship in Olive Picking is held in Postira every year at the beginning of October. It is a unique event that successfully combines two most important branches - tourism and olive growing and has deservedly won numerous awards.
The championship runs for 4 days and teams from all over the world compete. In addition to the olive picking competition, workshops, tastings, excursions and fun nights are organized for the teams to introduce Postira, ethno-eco village of Dol, as well as the island of Brač.
Every summer in Postira, the traditional "Little Night Regatta" is held in August, a play that is possible thanks to a unique natural phenomenon - the night air current "gazul" that goes down from Vidova Gora during summer nights to the port of Postira. The regatta brings together the best skippers and musicians in front of several thousand observers. After the regatta and prize giving, a party was organized at the pool of Hotel Pastura.
Postira Seaside Film Festival is organized by a small group of enthusiasts gathered in associations "Lanterna Magica" and "Unique". This event takes place at the end of July and successfully enriches the cultural life of Postira and other visitors from all around the world. Four evenings feature international short films, and one evening of the festival is reserved for Croatian short films. The festival also organizes various gatherings for visitors and a film workshop for the youngest.
The Brač Orienteering Open Championship takes place in October and bring together competitors from European countries. Two middle-distance races run on the slopes of Vidova Gora with a base in the pastoral village of Gažul, while the third, a sprint race, takes place in Postira along narrow pebbled streets. This type of running marks the movement on unfamiliar terrain, whose primary purpose is to orient the runner with the help of a map and a compass and to find predefined checkpoints drawn on the map in shortest time.
The International Children's Soccer Tournament is held in Postira during spring. Postira Sardi Club and two great grass football fields are the pride of the locals, even the youngest. For several years now the place has been full of children's laughter and cheerfulness and matches are held for three consecutive days from morning till dark. Competitors are provided with accommodation and food and, if necessary, transportation on the island. In addition to the trainers, the children are often accompanied by cheerful family members, and because of the increasing interest, the tournament is held once again in October under the name Island in the ball.
Hrapoćuša Night is a cultural and gastronomic event held in eco-ethno village of Dol. The trademark of the place is Hrapoćuša, a cake protected as an immaterial cultural good. It is unique in its rugged and rustic appearance, and is named after the local stone from which the recognizable Caves are built. During this event, Dol becomes the center of Brač, and many visitors can enjoy traditional Brač specialties, cave exhibitions and fun socializing with music.
Postira is a small town with the most players and singers per capita. In the summer of 1993, a small local festival called “All Postira Singers” was organized in order to verify this scientifically. The first festival took place in a specially decorated forest in the premises of today's hotel Pastura. A colorful team gathered, from children and amateurs to professional musicians and singers.
The entertainment was as hilarious as the scenery and the festival continued for years to come. Named Postirski pivoči (Singers of Postira), the venue changed, but the initial idea remained. The festival has become widely known and, in addition to locals, performers and bands from all over Dalmatia are attending, and the former local party turned into a small rock concert.
Fishermen's and Olive Oil festivities are held several times during the summer and visitors can briefly experience the real life of the local people. Accompanied by music and pleasant socializing with fresh fish from  Sardina factory and virgin olive oil of Postira Agricultural Cooperatives harmoniously combine fish, olives and tourism.
Fotografija Udruga mladih Općine Postira "Berekin".Fotografija Udruga mladih Općine Postira "Berekin".Fešta od uja | Poljoprivredna zadruga Postira
Advent with Berekini is an event that takes place during Christmas time and lasts for several weeks. It is organized by the youth of  Postira Association "Berekini" and we can proudly say that it is the most visited Advent on Brač.
Good music, rich tombolas, children's plays and workshops as well as spontaneous gatherings by the fire are certainly good reasons to visit. With a glass of cooked wine, delicious fritulas and sausages, the best Christmas party is guaranteed.
Fotografija Udruga mladih Općine Postira "Berekin".Fotografija Udruga mladih Općine Postira "Berekin".


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