Island Brač

Croatia is a country with more than thousand islands, specifically 1185 islands, cliffs and reefs. 67 islands are inhabited; the largest are Krk and Cres in the north Adriatic as well as Brac and Hvar located in middle Dalmatia. Every island has its own story to tell; with its notability, customs and local festivities. Escape from curious gazes into hidden bays and give into the adventure offered by a seaside stay.


The island of Brač is the third largest Croatian island, as well as the largest Dalmatian island. It is 40km long and 12km wide. It is home to Zlatni rat beach, one of the most recognizable symbols of Croatian tourism. The island is also known for the Brac stone which was used to build numerous famous buildings in the world, as well as for its attractive tourist destinations.


There are 23 fairly large towns and villages of different sizes on the island and a few hamlets on the coast and it the interior.

Looking over Brač Channel it seems so close to the mainland as to be arm's length. The stone waterfronts of its harbours are scenes of life open to travellers and tourists visiting the island, and the first-time explorer may feel that everything is at his fingertips. But Brač is special, unlike any other Dalmatian island. It is full of strange little corners, secrets, variations.


Brač is the piles of stones which cover it from end to end like a giant network. Brač is Illyrian mounds and barrows, relics of Roman rule found in almost every bay, Christian basilicas, labourers' stone cottages, towers and mansions, mystical hermitages, tiny churches scattered in the fields, centuries-old olives on the slopes, vineyards and flocks of sheep - Brač is all this. But above all, Brač is its people, hard working and taking care of their island they are its heart and soul. Brač is the love of its people. To understand it and glimpse its secrets and fascination, there is no better way than to spend time with its people. If you come with an open mind to Brač, they will open their doors to you and tell you their part of the island story, of the place where they live and things what they have done, expecting nothing from you in return but to love and respect Brač.


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