About Croatia

Croatia is a country with more than thousand islands, specifically 1185 islands, cliffs and reefs. 67 islands are inhabited; the largest are Krk and Cres in the north Adriatic as well as Brac and Hvar located in middle Dalmatia. Every island has its own story to tell; with its notability, customs and local festivities. Escape from curious gazes into hidden bays and give in to the adventure offered by a seaside stay.

About Brač Island

The island of Brac is the third largest Croatian island, as well as the largest Dalmatian island. It is 40km long and 12km wide. It belongs to the group of Central Dalmatian islands. The island is known for the Brac stone which was used to build numerous famous buildings in the world, as well as for its attractive tourist destinations. Some of the more popular destinations on the island are, Mirca, Sutivan, Ložišća, Milna, Draćevica, Postira, Bol, Pučišća, Selca, Povlja, Sumartin…

About Postira

Postira is a fishing and a tourist town located on the north side of the island of Brac, rich with attractive sandy and pebble coves. A favorable location has transformed Postira in a harbor and a fishing place, while the fertile land in the hinterland ensures homemade food and quality wines. It is first mentioned in the 14th century. The name of the place comes from the word “Pastura” which means “pasture” in Latin. The place is known for its cultural monuments and numerous findings which testify about the turbulent past of this place. Visit the Lazaric castle, the parish church of St. John the Baptist (built in the middle of the 16th century), Mirje locality (where an early Christian convent was found, along with the cloister dedicated to St. Stjepan), remains of the early Christian aisled church, remains of a former roman complex with ancient dock remains in the sea). The place is rich with already mentioned attractive sandy and pebble beaches and coves. The most famous and beautiful are the coves Lovrecina (sandy beach), Mala Lozna (pebble beach), Prvlja (sandy beach), Zastivanje (pebble beach) and Rat (pebble beach). Sports and active vacation enthusiasts can practice cycling, beach volleyball, handball, basketball, football, tennis, bowling, walking, swimming, diving and many other water sports. Like any other Dalmatian place,  Postira organizes numerous festivities and manifestations during summer. The traditional cultural fun manifestation “Postira summer” offers and authentic experience of the local festivities.